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AiRobo aims to increase the quality and the attractivity of related departments at the partner universities, by a significant raise of the level of competence and skills of the relevant academic staff in the field of Artificial Intelligence based Robotics; and to address the European priority in national context, namely Inclusion in Higher Education: social inclusion, improving the outreach to people with fewer opportunities, including:


AiRobo will implement the following activities while also creating a perfect opportunity for a large dissemination of the project results through its website (the one you are browsing right now).

AiRobo Innovation

The addressed subject of the project is innovative because robotics and Artificial Intelligence are rapidly growing fields with an expected strong development in the future in different areas. AI based robotics has the potential to improve education by offering students tailored and engaging learning experiences. Robots can serve as learning assistants, providing feedback, answering questions, and leading students through classes. They may also adapt their instruction to each student’s learning style, speed, and preferences, making the learning process more successful and efficient.

Innovations of the AiRobo project include:

  • Using formal methods

    for robot design and verification.

  • The AiRobo book will consist in innovative

    material that supports teaching and learning several subjects: AI, robotics, automated reasoning, formal verification, graph theory, automated theorem proving, verification of hybrid systems, etc

  • The robotic applications, and video tutorials

    intended to be developed will lead to innovations in several practical domains: education, industry, health, agriculture, etc. These are addressed also to people with disabilities and migrant background, and will serve as practical applications also for other courses that are more theoretical.

  • Scientific publications


Key People