From zero to expert! Introducing the potential of AI and Robotics for all!

AiRobo Book

Embark on a journey through the realms of AI and Robotics with the AiRobo Book. Discover a comprehensive exploration of the synergy between Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, from foundational concepts to cutting-edge applications.

The AiRobo book will be jointly developed as a support material for teaching Artificial Intelligence based robotic courses at our partner Universities. Moreover, the book will be a support also for other courses taught at our partner universities such as:

Artificial Intelligence Based Robotics

The title of the AiRobo book.

Following are the main chapters of the book:

  • English

    Language of the book.

  • 440

    Approximate number of pages.

  • Practical

    and theoretical aspects covered.

  • Five


The AiRobo book will also include the practical conclusions from certain practical robotic applications that will be developed within the project and will include links to the code implementation, as well as tools and videos of the robotic applications that will be developed.