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West University of Timișoara

Romania - Coordinator

The Western University of Timișoara is a comprehensive university, the largest university in the West of the country and which, through dynamism, curricular innovation and openness to the socio-economic environment and all its partners, succeeds in being a relevant and important academic, knowledge and innovation center in Romania, with a significant impact on local, regional and national communities.

WUT Team

University of Macedonia

Greece - Partner

In a rapidly changing world, the University of Macedonia must be at the forefront of innovation, openness and excellence under terms of social sensitivity and inclusive education. Being in the seventh decade of its operation, the University of Macedonia is evolving into an open, innovative and daring Higher Education Institution, giving priority to teaching and research based on clear and transparent quality criteria. Simultaneously, it is an organized, operative, clean institution with care for its students. It bears its own identity that is recognized by both the local and the wider Greek community.

UOM Team

RWTH Aachen University

Germany - Partner

RWTH Aachen University is a place where the future of our industrialized world is thought out. The University is proving to be a hotspot with increasing international recognition where innovative answers to global challenges are developed.

Key People from RWTH

Eszterhazy Karoly Catholic University

Hungary - Partner

When you come to Eger not only will you benefit from the academic excellence of which our institution is justifiably proud but you will be welcomed into our diverse Eszterházy community.
The historical Lyceum here in Eger was the product of international collaboration, the books in our historic Baroque library were collected throughout Europe and the facilities represented the very best the era could provide. A rounded education and a sense of community is what Bishop Eszterházy was striving to establish.

Key People from EKCU

Universite de Lorraine

France - Partner

With an outreach across 2 metropolises, 11 towns & cities and urban areas within its region, Université de Lorraine invests wholeheartedly in knowledge production and sharing. It is committed to raising the level of citizens’ educational attainment through intensive research involving both the basic and applied strands.

Key People from UL