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Training in Problem based Learning (pedagogical methods) and Robotic Algorithm Verification and Synthesis

This event has passed.
“Embark on a dynamic educational journey with our Problem-Based Learning (PBL) training, designed to immerse learners in real-world scenarios, fostering critical thinking and collaborative problem-solving skills. Dive deep into Robotic Algorithm Verification and Synthesis, where participants engage in hands-on experiences to master the intricacies of AI-driven robotics, from algorithmic design to rigorous verification protocols. Join us at AiRobo for an innovative fusion of pedagogy and cutting-edge technology, shaping the next generation of AI and robotics experts.”
  • 01/03/2025 12:00 am

    Start date.

  • 09/03/2025 12:00 am

    End date.

  • WUT, Romania


  • West University of Timisoara, Romania